Greetings, I’m Tyler and I’m the fearless leader that leads the GRILLNETICS team. I handle our long-term goals and strategic partnerships. I’m always thinking ahead to how we can perform.


VP Operations

Hey, I’m Darrell I specialize in overall operations. I’ve owned and sold companies and have a lot of valuable experience in the appliance industry. The best-hardest job I ever had: Wilderness Search and Rescue. I have a lot of stories I can tell, and some I can’t.


VP Sales

Hello, my name is Devin and I provide strength and expertise directing and managing the GRILLNETICS sales team. I value collaborative communication with personnel, clients, partners, and senior-level management to help ensure everyone stays happy – including you, our customer.

David Ja.

VP Creative MKT

Bonjour, I provide strategic creative direction and production for all things design, web, SEM, SEO, PPC, CRO, CRM, UX, UI, CSS, PHP, SQL, and well, let’s just say it’s all Marketing. Technically I’m David #2 but I’ve been a person since before David #1 so figure that one out…

Jason #2

Outdoor Kitchen Specialist Manager

Hola, I’m Jason B. and I like foriegn luxury cars, the BMW kind. I’m skilled in sales, marketing and a get’r’done type attitude. I will trade BBQ Island designs for a new house*. *If the boss agrees. Seriously, I love helping people’s BBQ dreams come true. Let’s talk today!


Production Manager

My name is Bryon, with a Y. I help keep production running through early morning meetings that everyone loves (think donuts & coke)! I work closely with our MFG and 3D design teams to keep order fulfillment humming like a well oiled machine.


Fabrication Manager

Cut, weld, glue, and screw. That’s pretty much what I do, every day, every week, every month. I help ensure the integrity of our/your product with expert precision and assembly (this includes the aforementioned cutting, welding, gluing, and screwing). You can otherwise find me at the gym or riding my motorcycle.


R&D Manager

My name is Glen and I lead our R&D. I’ve been welding since middle school (following all proper safety protocols of course). I make sure your product is made exactly how it should be without cutting corners. I also keep our manufacturing organized and agile, ready to take on anything! Quality is goal #1.


Outdoor Design Manager

My name Natalia and I design outdoor kitchens of every kind, shape, color, and feature set. I am living proof that fiber-artists can masquerade as talented 3D design experts. #BBQwinning is like an everyday thing for me.


Outdoor Kitchen Specialist

Hello, I’m Mick. I’ve been into premium BBQ since steak was a thing. I’m known for my own private label beef jerky. I’ve helped thousands of folks build outstanding outdoor kitchens and I look forward to helping you! I’m also all about American muscle cars, especially classics like the ‘69 Camero and ‘79 Corvette.


Outdoor Kitchen Specialist

Namaste, I’m Evan. I enjoy long walks on the mountain, rocks, plants, and having fun. I also think you should listen to a band called ‘Dirty Wire’. For real, you should give me a call and ask me the hardest BBQ question you can think of. I’ll bet I can help you because that’s what I do best!

Jason #1

Outdoor Design Specialist

Good day, I’m Jason M. and I fuel our 3D product design and documentation efforts. I also create 3D outdoor kitchen designs. Come to think of it, I also help teach college classes from time to time. Oh, I like twizzlers, late nights, and watching/correlating movies to actor’s lifespans too!


Graphic Designer

I’m Jessica and I provide graphic design and video post-production to support sales, 3D design, manufacturing, and marketing efforts. I work closely with David #2 (you’re keeping track right?). I’ve helped a lot with product guides to make the customer experience the absolute best it can be. I’m also a recent CSU grad – Go RAMS!

David Jo.

Finance Manager

I run our finance operations. I help keep the books straight but I also help ensure accurate inventory and that orders are expeditiously shipped and delivered on-time. I’m also known as David #1 because I was here (at GRILLNETICS) before David #2.


Superstar MVP

Whether it’s manufacturing & fabrication, technical operations, sales, creative or 3D kitchen design we’re always looking for MVP talent to join our team and help us continually up our game. We’re serious about being the best outdoor kitchen & BBQ island solution on the market. If that excites you, check out our jobs page to view our current employment opportunities.