DIY Case Study
GRILLNETICS Case Studies Geezer Getaway DIY

Geezer Getaway DIY

A lesson in Master-Class DIY outdoor BBQ

Terry McNeill is a special kind of handyman. As the grounds & facilities manager for the Geezer Getaway in Lubick, TX Terry is a master class DIY craftsman who embodies an impressive ‘get-r-done’ work ethic. Terry turned to Grillnetics for help in building a ‘heaven like oasis’ BBQ cook center. This was no small task.

In fact, Terry reached out to us after having a poor experience trying to use a different ready to finish cabinet system.

Right from the start, we could tell just how special this project was to Terry. It was clear how much joy, relaxation, good food and good times his DIY project would bring to the entire Geezer crew. After all, an 8oz sirloin grilled to perfection with an ice-cold beverage and friends is what we’d all call a very good day.

We immediately began working with Terry to help him achieve his goal of a multi-use grilling, cooking, stir-frying, sports watching haven. Think tailgating meets ultimate geezer-man-cave!

A one-man job for the benefit of many

As a one-man crew, Terry needed to build a barbecue kitchen that would serve many guests. The cook center would need to perform for  20 to 30 people during a variety of gatherings and events.

The cooking center needed to provide space for food prep, storage for beverages and support for pro-grade equipment. Cooking, grilling, frying, slow roasting, and of course clean up were all required of the custom barbecue kitchen!

Terry’s custom BBQ cook center was designed to be used within a combined indoor/outdoor enclosure while watching football or baseball games, hosting social gatherings, or similar events. Terry knew exactly what he wanted and it was our job to help him make it happen.

Following a Plan

Since Terry provided us with professional design drawings like the kind we include with our quotes. We studied the design plan carefully in order to help him select the absolute best cabinets, grills and accessories based on available space, desired use and budget.

The Geezer Getaway is truly unique and required specialized cooking components for hibachi-style sauteeing, grilling, rotisserie, prep, and clean-up. We provided Terry with all the grills and components he needed including the EVO Affinity 30G built-in grill. Since Grillnetics cabinets are made to work with the widest variety of products we gave each grill the proper support and setup with corresponding cabinets. The wide selection of cabinets we offer at Grillnetics allowed us to select the most appropriate cabinets for Terry’s unique cook center.

It was a real pleasure to work with Terry as a team player in building the one and only Geezer Getaway.


At Grillnetics, we excel at helping DIYers like Terry achieve their one-of-a-kind goals. If you have an elaborate design or idea take comfort knowing we can help. Together we’ll turn your custom outdoor (or indoor) grill setup into a reality. The end result might just turn out to be even greater than you imagine. Call us today or fill out a quote request to begin the journey of building your very own ‘heaven like oasis’.