How to Choose the Right Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet

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When building an outdoor kitchen there are several options to consider in terms of the cabinet system that will ultimately house your grill – and any other appliances you want to include. Whatever material you select, it will need to withstand the weather, heat from the grilling areas, and the weight of your grill, countertop, and anything else you may set on top of it.

5 Types of Material to Consider When Building an Outdoor Kitchen

One of the most popular options for building an outdoor kitchen in the southwest is concrete block. Concrete blocks are generally inexpensive, fire- and mold-resistant, and can be completely customizable. They can also be easily finished with stucco, stone veneer, or tile.

However, this type of outdoor kitchen can be extremely heavy, so selecting the right location is critical. It will also require a level concrete slab to build upon. Concrete block outdoor kitchens require significant skill to install, so make sure to hire a contractor with masonry experience.

Time to complete: 4 weeks

An outdoor kitchen made of brick is a very unique look that holds up well in all climates. Similar to concrete block construction, it is fire- and mold-resistant, and can be completely customized to accommodate any grill and layout. Furthermore, the natural brick look doesn’t require any additional finishes once it’s built.

Outdoor kitchens built from brick can be complicated though. Due to their weight, they also require a concrete slab to be built upon and are almost always more expensive than concrete block. Brick kitchens require a high level of masonry skill, so be sure to hire an experienced contractor.

Time to complete: 4 weeks

Using wood to construct your outdoor kitchen is an option. It is lightweight and inexpensive. You can install it relatively quickly with only a few tools, and you can place it on any level solid surface.

Especially relevant, wood is obviously flammable and has potential to rot even when using pressure treated pine. If you choose to build your outdoor kitchen from wood, be sure to use concrete board to completely enclose the wood frame. While this will not make it fire- or mold-resistant, it will add a layer of protection.

Time to complete: 2 weeks

Steel frame outdoor kitchens are becoming more popular. They are extremely sturdy, fire and mold resistant, but still very heavy and require a cement slab to be built on. The steel frame is then covered in cement board, which can then be finished with stone veneer, stucco, tile, etc. The skill set required to build an outdoor kitchen out of steel is high, so be sure to use a contractor.

Time to complete: 4 weeks

The new kid on the block is pre-welded aluminum framed outdoor kitchens. An aluminum frame is extremely light weight and strong, so it can be installed virtually anywhere from a concrete slab to a wood deck. It is also mold and fire resistant and most come pre-sheeted with concrete board, so it can be finished and customized to your needs. Additionally, because the main cabinets pieces are pre-welded, anyone who knows how to use a wrench and a saw can build the entire kitchen in a weekend.

Time to complete: 2 days

In conclusion, spend some time looking at various outdoor kitchens online. Determine how much space you have, which features you would like to include, and a budget you would like to stay within.

If you have questions on how to select the right grill, latest design trends for finishing your cabinet system, or how the outdoor kitchen should “flow,” our designer experts are here to help. We also provide a free realistic rendering and CAD drawing, with a complete list of building materials and step-by-step instructions, as well as on-going support for customers.

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