1. Do you sell direct?
    YES! We sell direct to contractors, DIYers and homeowners. Call or contact us to order today. Our cabinets can also be purchased through authorized retailers and distributors.
  2. Will Grillnetics provide customization to cabinets?
    YES! We can provide custom cabinets however, with over sixty models in six inch increment cabinets and adjustable vertical/horizontal rails system you're likely to find what you need using our standard cabinets. Standard cabinets can be shipped within 1 day whereas custom cabinets can take 3-5 days to build and ship.
  3. Does Grillnetics provide elevation or plan view layouts?
    YES! We offer professional design for every project. Simply provide us with dimensions and appliance specs and a dedicated account manager will send your project over to our design team for elevation, plan-view designs. We can also provide photo-realistic renderings.
  4. What types of finishes work with Grillnetics Outdoor Cabinetry?
    All our Cabinets ship with PermaBase Cement board cladding on the front and back. It is glued and screwed to the aluminum frame ready for all types of finishes including Stone Veneers, Tile, Stucco, Wood, and Drivit. Lap siding, Architectural steel, Corrugated or smooth. The design possibilities are endless.
  5. Are the cabinets fireproof?
    No, everything has a melting, combustion point. However, our cabinets are fire resistant. In back draft conditions, or grease fires our cabinets dramatically decrease the risk that combustion inside the cabinet will spread to surrounding walls. Always check local code, appliance manufacturers warnings for clearance guidelines to combustibles.
  6. How do I level the cabinets?
    All Grillnetics Outdoor cabinets come with (4) leveling feet that can be adjusted inside the cabinet with a nut driver on a cordless drill making leveling on uneven or slopping surfaces easy. With 4.0” of adjustment even over a long run of cabinets on a sloping patio we have the solution.
  7. How do I fill in under cabinets that have been leveled on a sloping surface?
    The leveling legs on the cabinet are set back from all face sides 1.5". By using the provided slope filler strip provided, simply cut at a taper to match slope and stand up against the legs. These can be fastened by using the clip system on the back of the slope filler strip. We recommend thinking about drainage on your surface and possibly holding the Perma board up a ¼”-1/2” to allow drainage under the cabinet so not to create a puddle. Carry your selected finish down onto the wood for a clean look.
  8. How do I connect the cabinets together?
    All of our cabinets and components are held together by, Star head self-tapping screws and come with each component, so they may be screwed together once leveled for a continuous ridged bank of cabinets.
  9. What is an adjustable horizontal, vertical rail and when do I need to use them?
    Adjustable horizontal rails attach to Vertical adjustable rail. They act as support for heavy stainless door/ drawer, Warming ovens, Ice chest roll outs, combinations. The vertical rails adjust to the width while the horizontal allows the height adjustment. Vertical rails are standard on all base cabinets, and optional on fire table bases that might need a propane drawer installed.
  10. When do I use a grill support arm?
    Grill support arms (2) are standard on 36” – 72” GC series cabinets. They allow the grill to be offset left or right in the cabinet, while providing support for the counter top and grill. Once the grill support arms are screwed in place at grill rough opening width, the front rail is clipped in between the grill arms. Ordering an extra set of Grill support arms can allow for side burner, side sear, or other appliance to be set in the same grill cabinet.
  11. What do I cut aluminum with?
    Hack saw, saws all, with metal cutting blade.
  12. Do I have to vent the cabinets?
    We recommend to have a vent, towards the bottom in any cabinet that has a gas appliance in it. It provides combustion air along with a place for gas to escape in case of leak or appliance gas left on without a flame. As always check the appliance manufacturers guideline along with state and local codes.
  13. What kind of countertops work with these cabinets?
    Granite, cut stone, powder coated steel, stainless steel, tile with a proper substrate, meant to be outdoors and won’t swell with any water penetration. It’s also important to think about your finish material on the cabinets so your counters have a reveal that projects beyond the finish material. Consulted local fabrication shops for regional preferences and techniques.
  14. Do the cabinets come with any electrical boxes?
    No. A local electrical contractor can help you determine your needs based on appliance power needs, backslash outlets, codes, permits.
  15. Will I need a grill liner with this cabinet?
    No. So long as a noncombustible counters top material and substrate are used. Refer to appliance manufactures recommendations and local codes.
  16. What grills work with this cabinet?
    Virtually any grill will fit in our standard cabinets. The Grillnetics outdoor Grill Cabinets (GC series) are adjustable in width for all self-rimming grills, meaning they have a flange that projects onto the counter top from the main grill body. The grill must not exceed 11” plus the counter thickness in overall height for standard sizes. This works for any grill head we have encountered with the exception of the Memphis grill that is very deep, so we made a cabinet line just for the Memphis. The cabinet will be shipped with cement board (Perma base brand) across the entire front and back of cabinet and secured to the frame. Once the rough opening and the left and right positioning have been determined simply remove the cement board with a saw to create the grill opening,
  17. When do I need a back frame? (BFC)
    Back frames are used to join two cabinets together economically when trying to gain counter space where no appliances doors, drawers are going to be placed. It is recommended that this is always between two cabinets so it can be bolted on both ends and both front and back are done to create good counter top support. The (BFC-25) is intended for outdoor rated 24” W x 34” refrigerators to create the back wall bolted connection between two cabinets.
  18. Do you I need a cabinet for a refrigerator? (SBC)
    We offer a nonrated refrigerator cabinet for small beverage coolers. It gets the cooler off the ground and closer to the underside of the counter top. It also easier to access.
  19. When Do I need end cladding? (ECK)
    All cabinets ship with back, front, bottom cladded. Since we don’t know you’re lay out, we offer the end cladding to go on both ends or one end of cabinet run depending on what is exposed and needing to be finished. Several cabinets in a run are open between to allow electrical conduit runs and gas piping runs without cutting holes between cabinets.
  20. Do the cabinets need to be bolted down?
    Not in most cases. Once leveled and screwed together, it’s not likely they will move. Furthermore once finishes, counters, appliances have been installed the weight increases dramatically.
  21. What is a typical lead time?
    At Grillnetics Outdoor cabinetry we strive to keep our backlog to 3 weeks to ship. Depending on the season and demand it can be less.
  22. What does self-rimming mean?
    Means that it is countertop supported. All grills in these cabinets must be self-rimming.
  23. When do you use the tall backsplash?
    Can be used for screening, aesthetics, or used in high wind prone areas. CALL US TODAY FOR A FREE DESIGN CONSULTATION (877) 959-1278
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