GRILLNETICS Installation

GRILLNETICS cabinets are easy and fast to install, intentionally designed to work with most if not any grill or component. In only minutes you’ll be ready to add a grill to your BBQ island and finish installing your cabinets for real use within hours – not days!

Each order comes with easy to follow DIY outdoor kitchen install guide with visual based installation instructions to make your BBQ island installation a breeze. You can also watch our video tutorials to see how it’s done either before or after your order arrives. Our BBQ island installation support staff will provide you with pro-tips for unique outdoor kitchen DIY projects when you need them – just call.

Make it Easy
Most Cabinets Ship Flat-Packed

Image of flatpack-shipping.

Easy to Follow BBQ Island installation Instructions

Image of instuctions.

Adjustable and Easy to Handle

Image of installation.

Works with Multiple Finishes

Image of finish options.