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California Rooms

What Are California Rooms?

Part of a grand resurgence in outdoor dining, California Rooms are a living and entertaining space open to the outdoors on at least one side and always covered by a roof. More protected than a lanai but less enclosed than a sunroom, and more multi-purpose than a patio, the California room is a hybrid between a porch and a room. It's one of the hotter trends in the world of outdoor kitchens - American homebuyers love the idea of a shaded outdoor area that enables them to enjoy food, greenery, and breezes with protection.


California Room


Value of California Rooms

While technically not a room as it is not enclosed on all sides, the California room mimics an indoor room more closely than a porch or deck. California rooms usually have a ceiling with an attached fan and two or more walls that unite the covered space to the house. Furnished as if they were indoors, these rooms create an effortless flow between the inside and outside kitchen, family, and dining areas. In larger floor plans, California rooms can even sport built-in fireplaces.


For homeowners, California rooms can extend the outdoor kitchen season, giving them more time to entertain their guests and more time to make memories they'll cherish for years.


California Rooms Vs Florida Rooms

While the terms "Florida room" and "California room" are often used interchangeably, these two home additions have distinct differences. The term Florida room can also describe an enclosed porch, which may also be called an Arizona room or a sunroom among other names. The key difference is that a California room is never entirely enclosed (likely limiting it to warmer climates).


Unlike a “Florida” room, which is a common name for an enclosed sunroom, a “California” room blends the functions of an indoor room and a porch to fit how today's homeowners embrace "hygge", a Danish term for the ritual of enjoying life's simple pleasures.


There are many levels of indoor-outdoor California rooms to fit any home décor and personal preferences. When designing a California room, it’s important to think through each aspect of the space, from appliances to furniture to building materials. Thinking about incorporating a California room into your living space? Contact the Grillnetics outdoor kitchen team today!


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