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Florida Rooms

What Are Florida Rooms?

Florida rooms are something of a relic of older days, but they've been making a comeback in recent years. "Florida rooms" received their name from the popularity of these rooms in Florida. However, other names rooms sometimes go by are sunroom, patio room, sun parlor, etc. Typically designed as extensions on the backside of your home's indoors, Florida rooms offer a way for homeowners to enjoy the benefits of indoor and outdoor dining and entertainment. Florida rooms are like an enclosed porches. It's a way for you to enjoy the sunlight and fresh air, while not actually needing to be outdoors. Those thinking about adding an outdoor kitchen to their space may want to do so alongside their Florida room.


Florida Room Extension

Florida Room | Add-on Extension

The Value of Florida Rooms

All the rage in the '50s and '60s, Florida rooms were sunny sanctuaries that provided a place where homeowners could escape outdoors without actually being outdoors. Light-filled home additions surrounded by windows that can open or close to the elements made for a pretty valuable home addition. In today's world, it's very common to see them incorporated alongside a home's outdoor kitchen and outdoor dining space. Florida rooms aren't only accessible in the summertime. They can also be used in the Spring and Fall due to cooling and heating systems that you can add to your room. Florida rooms provide a transitional space where guests can enjoy your home and yard simultaneously. Much like an outdoor kitchen, Florida rooms provide an elegant way to fully experience your home.


What a luxury it is to relax in the sunshine without having to worry about sunburns, bug bites, or gusts of wind blowing the last bit of your margarita to the floor.



Additional benefits of a Florida room:

  1. Natural Light Infusion: Florida rooms are designed to maximize the intake of natural sunlight. With expansive windows (and sometimes even glass ceilings), these spaces flood your home with invigorating sunshine, helping to enhance mood and promote a sense of well-being.
  2. Year-Round Enjoyment: Unlike traditional outdoor spaces, a Florida room is adaptable to various weather conditions. It provides shelter from rain and wind, ensuring that you can enjoy the outdoors no matter the season. Florida rooms make an ideal retreat even on cooler or rainy days to cuddle up with a cup of coffee and a good book.
  3. Enhanced Living Space: A Florida room effectively expands your living area, providing a versatile space for various activities. It functions as an ideal green room for indoor plants to thrive and provides additional living and entertaining space for holidays, parties, and get-togethers.


Outdoor Kitchen with Florida Room


Florida Rooms and outdoor dining

Florida rooms perfectly complement outdoor dining spaces. You can select the style and finish of your outdoor modular kitchen cabinets to enhance the design of your Florida room, creating a seamless feel from inside to outside. While it is not recommended to use a grill inside a Florida room, an outdoor kitchen attached to a Florida room creates the ultimate entertainment space. Your guests can easily transition between the indoor comfort of your sunroom and the open-air draw of the outdoor kitchen. This combination is perfect for hosting gatherings that flow effortlessly from cooking to dining to relaxing.


Much like crafting a Florida room, designing your dream outdoor kitchen takes forethought and careful consideration. Thankfully, you don't have to complete this task alone. Grillnetics' user-friendly design center easily guides you through a few simple questions that allow us to sketch a beautiful kitchen space to call your own. When you feel your sketch is complete, our expert team will assist in finalizing your design and preparing a pricing quote. We love the simple beauty of pairing a Florida room and outdoor kitchen together. Let our design team help make your dream backyard space a reality.