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How To Finish Your Outdoor Grill Island

Building & Finishing Your Outdoor Kitchen Island

Ready to make your Grillnetics kitchen island the centerpiece of your outdoor dining area? Building and finishing your outdoor kitchen island is easier than you think, and we’re here to help guide you through the process. There are many different options for finishing your new island, including stone veneer, stucco, and tin & cedar. In this article, we’ll explain those three step by step.



Stone veneer:

Stone and brick have long been used in building beautiful structures that withstand the test of time. Stone veneer has earned a timeless appeal because of its beauty and durability. In addition, it is available in a variety of styles, colors, and textures, ensuring you can easily find an option to fit your style. Stone and brick veneers can be used as the primary siding on a home, but they also work great for your Grillnetics outdoor grill island. You have your choice between real stone veneers and manufactured stone veneers.


Tools You’ll Need To Finish Your Grill Island With Stone:

  • A wet saw with a stone blade

  • Construction adhesive

  • Level

  • Pencil


How To Finish Your Grill Island With Stone Veneer:


  1. Take your first piece of stone, and trim it with the wet saw if necessary

  2. Apply construction adhesive to the back, applying in a circular motion. This helps create a vacuum and a good seal to the cement board.

  3. Starting at the bottom of your island, press the stone against the concrete board, holding it firmly in place

  4. Repeat steps 1-3 and stack stones up to the top of your outdoor island

  5. When you get to an opening for your grill, doors, drawers, or other appliances, place the stone where you want it and use your pencil to measure the line you’ll have to cut. Trim the stone with your wet saw and apply construction adhesive

  6. If installing your grill on uneven ground, use our slope fill kit to retain your island’s uniform look



Finishing your Grillnetics island with stucco is the simplest route to get your island ready for grilling season. You only need three tools and part of an afternoon. Stucco provides great design flexibility with several different colors to choose from and multiple finishes available. Color combinations and patterns are versatile so you can easily match your existing surfaces. It offers a decorative color and texture that is sure to make your grill island draw the eyes of your guests.


Tools You’ll Need To Finish Your Outdoor Kitchen Island With Stucco:

  • Trowel

  • Trowel-friendly stucco

  • Drop cloth


How To Finish Your Grill Island With Stucco:


  1. Using premixed stucco and your trowel, apply a first coat approximately ¼ to ½ inch thick.

  2. Spread the stucco evenly across the cabinet surface, using a light touch to prevent streaks

  3. Apply a second coat of stucco over the first, following the same steps and using the same light touch

  4. Allow the stucco to cure for 48 hours, misting the surface with water during the curing period. It is very important to keep the stucco periodically damp for it to cure completely and form a strong bond that will last for decades.


Tin & cedar:

Tin (aka corrugated metal) is the pizza oven of outdoor cabinet finishes -- it’s one of the hottest trends in exterior design right now. With expanded options in both size and color, we’re seeing corrugated metal pop up on new houses and renovations across the country. It suits a variety of styles -- for a more modern style, try using galvanized metal with a dark trim. The bright silver with contrasting black or steel gray trim creates clean lines for the perfect focal point in your kitchen. For a rustic or country kitchen, you might use pre-rusted corrugated metal panels to simulate a rustic look for years to come. Paired with a wood trim, tin panels will make your outdoor grill island look all-around amazing.


Tools You’ll Need To Finish Your Outdoor Kitchen Island With Stucco:

  • Air compressor

  • Nail gun with #18 nails

  • Construction adhesive

  • Level

  • Angle grinder with 4 ½ in. cutoff wheel


Steps To Finish Your Grill Island With Cedar & Corrugated Metal:


  1. Start with a length of cedar 3 ½ in. wide and 1 in. thick (optional: stain with the color of your choice)

  2. Cut a ¼” notch along the inside edge (using??)

  3. Cut two lengths of cedar (3.5 in. wide, 1 in. thick) to match the height of your grill island

  4. Cut a third length of cedar (3.5 in. wide, 1 in. thick) matching the width of your grill island

  5. Attach cedar boards to concrete board with your nail gun

  6. Measure the dimensions of the island between the wood panels

  7. Cut panel to size; install to test fitment

  8. If satisfied with fitment, apply tin with the construction adhesive

  9. Cut a fourth length of cedar (3.5 in. wide, 1 in. thick) matching the width of your grill island

  10. Install a panel to cover the top edge of the corrugated metal