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Outdoor Kitchen Kits in Texas

Bring your Texas Backyard to Life with Grillnetics' Outdoor Kitchen Kits


In Texas, outdoor gatherings are a way of life. For professional contractors and expert DIYers alike, our goal is to provide our customers with the tools they need to enjoy alfresco dining season after season. Grillnetics' outdoor kitchen kits in Texas provide a simplified process for creating the perfect outdoor dining oasis. With our innovative designs and premium materials, building your dream outdoor kitchen is easier than ever. Our eco-friendly production and transportation methods ensure sustainability, while convenient sizing and adjustable leveling feet make it easy to install on uneven surfaces. Elevate your outdoor kitchen project and take your grilling experience to the next level. Ready to get started? Contact our Texas kitchen kit experts.


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Outdoor Kitchen Kits in Texas


Getting Started with Your Grillnetics' Outdoor Kitchen Kit

At Grillnetics, we believe that creating your dream backyard kitchen should be as simple as selecting the perfect ribeye for your next cookout. With our outdoor kitchen kits in Fully Assembled Outdoor Kitchen KitTexas, the process of designing and assembling your outdoor dining space is straightforward and stress-free.


Personalized for your Preferences

Simplify your construction projects with our outdoor kitchen kits in Texas. Designed for easy assembly, they let you focus more on entertaining and less on building. Choose from our pre-designed kitchen frames, which include all the essential components for grills, griddles, doors, and drawers. Thanks to our patented system, you can fit any grill manufacturer's products without needing to select appliances in advance.


Follow a simple selection process to customize your kitchen:

  1. Select your standard height and width kit (e.g., 36”H x 30”D).
  2. Choose your desired width kit (e.g., 32” grill plus 8” for counter space = 40”).
  3. Pick a grill kit or front-loaded appliance kit for your specific needs.
  4. Add additional cabinet lengths as needed.
  5. Complete your setup with standard or backsplash kits, and optional hidden countertop support brackets for a bar top.
  6. Easily find cement board cladding and glue at any home improvement store to finish your frames, with connectors included for hassle-free assembly.



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Inventive Design and Durable Construction

Choosing Grillnetics means selecting top-tier craftsmanship. Our outdoor kitchen kits in Texas feature 2” tube corner posts made from 6063 extruded aluminum, ensuring exceptional strength and durability. These posts come with integrated adjustable leveling feet for easy installation on uneven surfaces. Additionally, our system uses integrated Rev Nuts, simplifying the connection of width and depth struts to create a secure frame while minimizing aluminum usage.


Grillnetics' Patented System

Our patented system allows for the construction of cabinets on either side of the vertical posts, optimizing efficiency and reducing material costs. Whether you need a basic backsplash for electrical outlets or a complete bar top wall, our new vertical posts and countertop support brackets make customization easy and effortless.


Convenient Shipping

Our kits are packaged for shipping via FedEx or UPS, avoiding the need for pallets and lowering shipping costs for consumers.


American-Made Quality

Proudly made in the USA by skilled American workers in Phoenix, Arizona, our framing kits feature lightweight, non-combustible cabinets designed for durability. Constructed from aluminum, our frames are 100% rust-free and recyclable at the end of their life cycle, making them an eco-friendly option for outdoor kitchens.


Enhance your outdoor cooking experience with Grillnetics outdoor kitchen kits in Texas. Discover our variety of options and start creating your dream outdoor kitchen today.


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