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Outdoor Kitchen Lighting

If you dream of an outdoor kitchen suitable for hosting guests and creating an unforgettable atmosphere, subpar lighting just won't do. Whether you're just getting started on your outdoor dining space, or if this is the first step and you're saving other pieces like furniture, TV, and accessories for later, we want to help you choose the right lighting for your kitchen. By working with Grillnetics to choose the proper lighting to go with your modular outdoor kitchen, your outdoor space will remain functional all year round and for years to come.


Benefits of Outdoor Kitchen Lighting


  • Functional lighting to maximize the versatility of your outdoor kitchen.
  • Ambient lighting to illuminate the depth of your kitchen space.
  • Different fixtures and light intensity set the mood for the space.
  • Lighting settings, to utilize some or all the lights on a circuit.


If your parties will go beyond the daytime hours, then proper lighting will be essential to keep the party going. Outdoor kitchen lighting gives you the chance to highlight key elements in the landscape and create a sense of intrigue to amplify the enjoyment your backyard can bring.


Top Areas For Outdoor Kitchen Lighting

Outdoor kitchens offer many opportunities for custom outdoor lighting. It pays to work with the professionals at Grillnetics who can make recommendations about where and how to best illuminate the different areas of your outdoor kitchen.


Light Above the Grill

The first place you should invest in upgraded lighting is above the grilling area - brighten your entire food prep and cooking areas to increase visibility. Since you only really need this overhead lighting during prep and while cooking, you might consider putting it on a nearby switch so it's not on all the time. You can quickly turn it on or off as needed. 


Recessed lighting, track lighting, and string lighting

For our followers with outdoor kitchens that have a structural covering (such as a gazebo) or ones with a transitional room, recessed lighting may be an excellent option. It also provides a sleek, modern look, and you shouldn't accept anything less in your outdoor dining space.


While sleek and modern, recessed lighting is not especially mobile. Track lighting allows you to change the position and location of your lights. String lighting also offers this, though it is more appropriate for a lowkey and laid-back atmosphere.


Undercounter lighting

This option offers similar benefits to recessed lighting, offering a subtle, incognito appearance and taking up a minimum of precious usable space. Undercounter lighting can help to illuminate appliances and bar seating areas to provide additional lighting for nighttime cooking and eating. Undercounter lighting is available with LED bulbs and multicolor options too, opening the door to a milieu of music-syncing options.


Ceiling fan with light fixture

A classic choice to enhance your outdoor kitchen - especially useful in humid environments that benefit from increased airflow. Keep your space cool and add functional light for food preparation, cooking, dining, and entertaining.


Fireplace and fire table

For a more natural and cozy ambiance, an outdoor kitchen fireplace or fire pit is the option for you. While either one will not provide much light on its own, they are great additions near your outdoor seating area for a relaxing post-dinner social space.


Tread Lights For Safety

Now that we've covered overhead lighting, there's another important element to consider - lighting for your walkways. Tread lights can help reduce tripping hazards, as they fit right into the stairs and focus light downward onto the step immediately below it. 


LED Outdoor Kitchen Lighting

LEDs have gained popularity in both indoor and outdoor settings in recent years as technology has improved and become more accessible, and for good reason. Recent technology improvements mean that LED outdoor kitchen lights last up to 25 times longer than halogen lights and 50 times longer than traditional incandescent lights. The long lifespan of LED lights reduces strain on the environment and eliminates the time you'll spend swapping out bulbs.


LEDs also come in a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors - a much larger range than traditional light fixtures. LED outdoor kitchen lighting is a perfect addition to your grill, for help with food preparation and cooking. Overhead trellis lights add sparkle to any occasion, and BBQ island lighting will give your grill its deserved time in the spotlight.


Combine Lighting with Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen