Purchase Blaze, Delta Heat, Twin Eagles, DCS appliances from Grillnetics and receive a 10% discount on ready to finish cabinetry!  We sell and supply at the same prices with free delivery as any other online store.  Contact Grillnetic's Design Expert Today to start your dream outdoor kitchen.

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About Grillnetics

Redefining Luxury outdoor Kitchen Design & Development Since 2017

In 2017, a handful of innovative BBQ & grilling enthusiasts set out to revolutionize the luxury outdoor kitchen world. Their passion grew from experiencing the way a beautiful outdoor kitchen welcomes guests and enhances a delicious meal. But they also wanted to create a new method of design and development that was quicker and more efficient while at the same time producing the most beautiful and customizable outdoor kitchen islands in the world.  It became their mission to develop a responsive system to design and deliver this experience to an outdoor cooking space of any size using any combination of grill and outdoor kitchen components. This was the genesis of the Grillnetics System.


Since then, the Grillnetics System has developed and delivered hundreds of custom outdoor kitchens to a wide range of satisfied customers. This proven and powerful solution appeals to both DIYers and contractors alike. And, because of its modular cabinetry, Grillnetics islands can be assembled and up and running in less than a day!

The Grillnetics team isn’t stopping there. They are constantly improving their system so your outdoor kitchen ideas can come to life without all of the headaches that come with construction delays and messes. You can see the original Grillnetics vision in action right now by going to our Finished Islands or Ready to Finish customizations pages. Or, you can Get a Quote from a Grillnetics Design Expert.


Simple from Start to Serve