Purchase Blaze, Delta Heat, Twin Eagles, DCS appliances from Grillnetics and receive a 10% discount on ready to finish cabinetry!  We sell and supply at the same prices with free delivery as any other online store.  Contact Grillnetic's Design Expert Today to start your dream outdoor kitchen.

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Do It Yourself (DIY) & Grillnetics


Grillnetics outdoor kitchen modular cabinets, custom outdoor kitchen and BBQ islands, are DIY approved! Our team of outdoor kitchen experts will help you plan and design your dream DIY outdoor kitchen all within your desired budget. We’ll provide you direct access to a wide variety of grills, components and accessories from the best brands available. We work with brands like Blaze Grills, Delta Heat, Twin Eagles, DCS, and Memphis. 



A Grillnetics Outdoor Kitchen Specialist will help you with every detail of your order. That includes precise measurements to fit your available kitchen space following standards and regulations to keep you safe. Once your quote is approved, your outdoor kitchen cabinets will be sent to our production team for fulfillment. Shipments are sent direct to customers. We always include easy-to-follow assembly guides and a link to helpful online videos that show the complete assembly of your outdoor kitchen in as little as a few hours.



Our in-house outdoor kitchen experts will help you create a plan to elevate your backyard patio. We can also help you pick the right grill and accessories that match your budget. Begin your journey today with a free, no-obligation quote and receive a complimentary design for your DIY outdoor kitchen.



As you begin your journey to imagining, designing and ultimately assembling your dream Grillnetics Outdoor Kitchen, we’ve organized a few basic product guidelines to keep in mind:




  1. All outdoor kitchen cabinets have adjustable leveling feet.
  2. All outdoor kitchen cabinet depths including cladding material are 30”.
  3. All standard height outdoor kitchen cabinets height, not including countertops is 35 3/4”. Minor height adjustments can be made with leveling feet.
  4. The described width dimension of all outdoor kitchen cabinets is “Frame to Frame”. Does not include eventual End Cladding Panels Kit (ECK) for final end capping of island.
  5. Any outdoor kitchen cabinet or combination of cabinets will require an End Cladding Panels Kit (ECK) for final end capping of island.



  1. Outdoor kitchen cabinets must be 8”or more wider than any equipment or storage. This is the overall equipment size, not the cut-out. Example : 36” grill requires a 44” or larger cabinet.
  2. Equipment cannot be less than 4” from a cabinet outside edge.
  3. Equipment vertical spacing must be 2” or more from the top and bottom of cabinet as well as between components.



  1. Consider optimal countertop space when selecting an outdoor kitchen cabinet size.
  2. Multiple grill components can be installed into a single cabinet as along as above spacing guidelines are followed. (ex. grill and side burner in a single Grill Cabinet (GC).
  3. If multiple grill components are being installed into a single cabinet an additional set of Grill Cabinet Grill Support Arms (GC-GSA) will be required.
  4. If multiple storage components are being installed into a single cabinet an additional set of Vertical Adjustable Rails (VAR) will be required.