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Ready To Finish Modular Cabinets

diy done right - from start to finish 


Our Ready to Finish Modular Cabinet System allows you to customize your outdoor space into a one-of-a-kind luxury outdoor kitchen. We offer cabinetry components that fit grills, side burners, Kamado smokers, griddles, pizza ovens, sinks, refrigeration and storage components. Once you have a vision of what you want, our in-house outdoor kitchen experts will help design a complimentary, no-obligation custom layout using our quality modular outdoor cabinets. Your Grillnetics order will be delivered right to your door, shipped in multiple flat-packed boxes with easy-to-follow assembly instructions so you can have your outdoor kitchen assembled that same day.




As you begin your journey to imagining, designing and ultimately assembling your dream Grillnetics Outdoor Kitchen, we’ve organized a few basic product guidelines to keep in mind:




  1. All outdoor kitchen cabinets have adjustable leveling feet.
  2. All outdoor kitchen cabinet depths including cladding material are 30”.
  3. All standard height outdoor kitchen cabinets height, not including countertops is 35 3/4”. Minor height adjustments can be made with leveling feet.
  4. The described width dimension of all outdoor kitchen cabinets is “Frame to Frame”. Does not include eventual End Cladding Panels Kit (ECK) for final end capping of island.
  5. Any outdoor kitchen cabinet or combination of cabinets will require an End Cladding Panels Kit (ECK) for final end capping of island.



  1. Outdoor kitchen cabinets must be 8”or more wider than any equipment or storage. This is the overall equipment size, not the cut-out. Example : 36” grill requires a 44” or larger cabinet.
  2. Equipment cannot be less than 4” from a cabinet outside edge.
  3. Equipment vertical spacing must be 2” or more from the top and bottom of cabinet as well as between components.



  1. Consider optimal countertop space when selecting an outdoor kitchen cabinet size.
  2. Multiple grill components can be installed into a single cabinet as along as above spacing guidelines are followed. (ex. grill and side burner in a single Grill Cabinet (GC).
  3. If multiple grill components are being installed into a single cabinet an additional set of Grill Cabinet Grill Support Arms (GC-GSA) will be required.
  4. If multiple storage components are being installed into a single cabinet an additional set of Vertical Adjustable Rails (VAR) will be required.


Explore Our Ready to Finish Modular Cabinets

For built-in grills and other built-in outdoor kitchen equipment. Choose the outdoor kitchen cabinet width to fit your specific product.

For outdoor kitchen doors, drawers and various storage options like trash and paper towel dispenser. Front Load Base Grill Cabinets are the solution for anyone looking for outdoor kitchen cabinet storage. Choose the width to fit your specific outdoor kitchen cabinet.

Base grill cabinets can be used as an outdoor kitchen filler cabinet or for drop-in accessories. An example of a drop in accessory is a drop in cooler or a drop in sink.

The Drop Base grill cabinet is an outdoor cabinetry to be used with a Big Green Egg, Primo Grill, Kamado Joe or other Kamado smokers, and other components that require a dropped cooking surface condition.

Outdoor cabinetry frame for a 90° corner connection to create an “L“ shaped kitchen layout.

Pre-sheeted panel to enclose the back side of an outdoor rated refrigerator or ice maker.

Wall frame for kitchen backsplash. 5” deep × 7” tall is standard. Continue perfecting your outdoor kitchen with a ready to finish backsplash from Grillnetics.

Wall frame for an L shaped outdoor kitchen. This bar top support wall is the perfect option to add a raised bar to your outdoor kitchen island.

Cabinet base for a table, counter or bar height top. This cabinet base is for adding table or cabinet space to your Grillnetics outdoor kitchen.

From end cladding to support arms and rails, these ancillary products support your Grillnetics outdoor island configuration.