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Whether you are using your outdoor kitchen space to entertain friends or simply to enjoy a retreat into the back yard, you want your kitchen to look good and accommodate all your cooking and entertainment needs. One of the best things about creating a custom outdoor kitchen is that you can uniquely tailor every appliance and feature to suit your specific needs. Grillnetics is dedicated to helping make your outdoor kitchen and grilling space perfect, down to the smallest detail. We are outdoor kitchen design masters, crafting unique outdoor cooking spaces for homes across America. There are a variety of important things to consider when planning out a perfect outdoor kitchen island.

1. Think About the Type of Cooking You Want to Do
It is important to figure out what you will be doing with your cooking space. What sort of meals do you want to create with your outdoor kitchen? Are you planning on doing a lot of barbecuing? Maybe you also want to cook in a smoker. Do you want a small grill for family sized meals or a large one for parties with lots of guests?

2. Choose the Right Location
Consider the existing layout of your home or other structures when you design your custom outdoor kitchen. Make sure you have space for the layout you want. Are there any covered locations you could use? Are there high winds that would prevent open-air grilling? Where do you want people to spend a lot of time on your property? Is there a beautiful spot you want to take advantage of? Check out our design ideas page for inspiration.

3. Consider Logistical and Utility Concerns
Make sure you can run utilities and lighting to your outdoor kitchen location. What type of grill and appliances will you feature in your design? Plan ahead if you will need electrical outlets, gas lines, or water lines from your house to accommodate any special features.

4. Think About Your Grill’s Fuel Source
Common grill fuel types include natural gas, charcoal, propane, wood, and pellets. Decide what type of fuel works best for your needs, while keeping in mind that fuel types like propane and natural gas need to be vented differently. Fuels like charcoal and wood pellets will affect the taste of your food in different ways. Can you run utility lines to your outdoor kitchen? Which of these fuel types is the most convenient for you? Which do you like to cook with the most?

5. Consider the Materials
There are many things to consider when choosing materials for your outdoor kitchen. The look of the material, the price, and the durability can all influence decisions. Also, think about how easy these materials will be to clean.

6. Get a Free Design
When you are ready, take advantage of our free design services to help you visualize the best use of your space.

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