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GRILLNETICS outdoor kitchen systems stand out from the competition because of their versatility and ease of assembly. We design our outdoor kitchen cabinet and grill systems for retail customers, DIY projects, and experienced contractors. Our products are made to cut down on labor during the installation. In addition, GRILLNETICS systems are fully modular, which makes them easy to customize and install in many different settings. Hear what customers and contractors have to say:


Retail: Whether you are looking for an amazing pre-built outdoor kitchen system or a custom grill island, GRILLNETICS products are perfect for retail. Our team has design experts who know each of our products and pieces inside and out. This design team will work with you, rendering outdoor kitchen designs and offering in-depth information on grills, fuel types, and more.


"Grillnetics products are excellent and the people that run the company are even better. Love the aluminum framing and simple modification system. When you need support, the guys are always willing to help with design questions and they really know their product. They’ve built plenty of outdoor kitchens themselves and that hands-on experience really shines through on support calls."

- Marc Broussard | BBQ Guys Category Director



DIY: Installing an outdoor kitchen cabinetry system or grill island is a great DIY project for homeowners looking to make the most out of their outdoor space. Our modular outdoor kitchen systems have a number of features that make them easy to install. Our products use lightweight 6063 aluminum that is easy to work with. We also have installation videos and an experienced design team ready to help you with each step, from design to installation.


"I originally started out with a competitor company, but when things went horribly bad with that company, i turned to grillnetics for help. They not only helped with providing me with cabinets but also all the cook center equipment in one turn key purchase. The cook center was a pretty elaborate design and i used some new equipment in my design, and grillnetics went out of their way to modify and work with me through the assembly process. The end result was far greater than i ever imagined the design turning out."

-Terry Mcneill | DIY Wizard at Geezer Getaway

Contractors: GRILLNETICS outdoor kitchens and grill islands are the perfect system for contractors. We make it easy to assemble and install a custom outdoor kitchen, offering extensive support and partnership opportunities. Our custom outdoor kitchen cabinetry can be installed in less than an hour. This is the perfect system for contractors looking to impress clients, with a high quality modular outdoor kitchen system.


"We began using grillnetics products in 2016 after seeing their booth at a trade show. Historically we only built fire pits, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and water features out of cmu block, concrete footers and rebar but were curious if these systems worked as easily as they appeared. We became believers after the first project! It assembled quickly, was well built and accurately sized based on the dimensions we supplied. Mick, our salesperson hand delivered and helped us install the first couple just to make sure they were done right, and everything was fit to plan. Since then we have only used grillnetics products. We’ve had no warranty issues, many happy customers and days’ worth of labor saved on every project. In a challenging labor market, innovative projects such as this significantly save time and manpower."

-Ryan Weston | Weston Landscape



Our team is here to help you design and install the perfect outdoor cooking space. GRILLNETICS has detailed schematics, product catalogs, installation guides, and outdoor kitchen tips and information available. Come to us for the best modular outdoor kitchen and cabinetry systems.