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How to Build an Outdoor Bar
How to Build an Outdoor Bar
How to build an outdOor bar

In this post, we’ll explain how to build the perfect outdoor bar station for your home. This would be a great addition to your existing outdoor kitchen or your new outdoor living project.


Anyone who has lived in the city in a hi-rise condo or apartment knows that one of the perks is enjoying the views from the rooftop. Whether that means lounging by the pool on those hot summer days or having a drink around the fire pits while watching twinkling city lights during the evening.


A new trend we’re starting to see is the increase of standalone outdoor bar stations. What is an outdoor bar station? It’s simply an area where friends and family can enjoy drinks.  It can be an area that includes a sink, a cocktail station, a refrigerator, or a beer keg.

HOW TO PICK A LOCATION for your bar and outdoor kitchen


Building an outdoor kitchen bar is a fun and easy process. First, find the perfect location for your new outdoor bar station. This is an area where people will be gathering to make drinks, share laughs, and have conversations. It would be tempting to tuck your outdoor kitchen away in a corner but don’t be afraid to place it in the center of your space. We all know the kitchen is where people gather, this is the same concept.




Once you have a location, look at the overall space that you have and consider what pieces of equipment you want built into your new outdoor bar station. The most popular appliances to place in the outdoor bar station would be an under counter fridge, a beverage dispenser, an outdoor rated ice machine, an outdoor sink, or a cocktail station center. The most popular sizes for a stainless steel outdoor refrigerator would be 20” or 24” wide, while the 24” width is the most popular configuration. Within the 24” size, there are plenty of configurations to choose from. You can choose a classic outdoor fridge with a stainless steel door, refrigerator drawers that allow you to see everything at ease, or a glass door refrigerator. If you choose a glass door refrigerator, make sure  you place it in an area that is not directly in the sunlight. There are many great manufacturers that offer great quality outdoor refrigerators including Marvel, U-Line, True Refrigeration, Lynx Grills, Hestan Grills, Blaze Grills, and Twin Eagles. When searching for an outdoor refrigerator, make sure to pay attention to the available space inside the refrigerators, the shelves, the compressor quality, and the warranty. Make sure to get one that is outdoor rated. 


Besides refrigeration, an outdoor sink or ice bin is a great addition to your bar station. The most popular outdoor sink sizes are 15”, 18”, 24”, and 30”. You’ll have to choose whether you want a drop in sink or a built in sink. Some may find the sinks to be impractical and may not want to deal with plumbing especially if you’re located in a colder area like Chicago or the Northeast. In that case, including a drop in ice bin or drop in cooler would be a great option. Many drop in coolers are insulated and the ice will last for hours and be a great place to store various drinks from canned soda, beers, or even wine bottles to keep your whites crisp. We love the outdoor cocktail station from Lynx Grills which doubles as a 30” outdoor sink. It includes compartments for your condiments, a speed rail to hold your alcohol bottles, and more. The drop in cooler from Twin Eagles is amazing too. It’s completely insulated and is tall enough to accommodate most bottles and cans.



After finding the perfect location and looking at your desired bar appliances, it’s time to design the outdoor kitchen, get it built and delivered. Any project needs a plan. The same is true for this. Every great outdoor kitchen starts with a great design. Grillnetics offers complimentary outdoor kitchen design planning. We can help you design the optimal outdoor bar. Our experts will guide you and make sure every detail is covered.

We love the finish on this outdoor kitchen we did for a rooftop this year. This little 72” outdoor kitchen contains a drop in outdor sink and outdoor rated pull gooseneck pull down faucet from Lynx Grills,  outdoor access door from Twin Eagles, and a beer keg with double tap from Marvel. We finished it with NY Blue Shadowstone and paired it with Jet Mist granite. Granite is the perfect countertop material for outdoor kitchens due to its durability and price. We made sure to include a backsplash with a small overhang.

outdoor bar station with sink and beer keg in ny blue stone and jet mist granite



Don’t forget the counterspace! Clients will often want to cram too many pieces and not allocate enough space to countertop space. Having an area to set down glasses and plates is critical in any outdoor kitchen. We find that anywhere from 12” to 15” of outdoor countertop space is perfect for setting down platters.


Our final and possibly most important tip is to use an expert outdoor kitchen designer. This is an investment into your home. Do it right the first time and turn your dream into reality.


Turn your rooftop into the perfect outdoor living area. Our expert outdoor kitchen designers and consultants can help you design a space that’s perfect for you, your space, and your budget. Get started today by scheduling a phone consulation or request a free outdoor kitchen design.