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3 Ways A Warming Drawer Will Improve Your Outdoor Kitchen
3 Ways A Warming Drawer Will Improve Your Outdoor Kitchen

When designing your outdoor kitchen there is no shortage of features to choose from. You might have seen our recent post about outdoor kitchen TVs, or maybe our article about pizza ovens. Spring will be here before you know it, but even before winter is officially over, we have one feature you can add to your kitchen for use all year round: outdoor kitchen warming drawers.


Highly overlooked but extremely useful appliances, outdoor kitchen warming drawers offer a separate space to store food and keep it warm that doesn’t take up oven space or keep you running back and forth to the house. This is a luxury for most homes, but is definitely worth considering when building out your outdoor space. Still not convinced? Read on to discover 3 ways a warming drawer will improve your outdoor dining experience.


Saving Missed Meals

First, the obvious. The most well-known perk of outdoor kitchen warming drawers is shared by their indoor counterpart. Whether it's an urgent phone call, a traffic jam, or picking up the kids from practice, sometimes things don't always go according to your dinner plan. Your outdoor kitchen warming drawers can keep our meals fresh and ready to eat, whether it's an unplanned interruption or if you wanted to prep a meal ahead of time and serve warm hours later.


Warm Up Dishware

A warming drawer can keep your food warm, but what about your plate? Hot food served on a cold plate will quickly result in cold food. Not only will a warm plate keep your food piping hot, a warm plate also helps bring out good flavors and consistency. Keep plates, bowls, and even coffee mugs nice and toasty to enjoy on chilly mornings.


Warm Up Towels

One use for your outdoor kitchen warming drawer that not many people know about: warming up your towels. Warming drawers have long been used inside the home for a similar purpose, but now comfort has expanded to the great outdoors.


Certain models of warming drawers are rated to warm towels, robes, and bathing and swimming items. Pretty cool, right? Next time you're getting out of the pool, you can rest assured knowing the towel waiting for you will be warm to the touch.