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5 Outdoor Kitchen Trends [2024]

Are you looking ahead to 2023's cooking season? If you haven't started dreaming yet, now's the time. With every new year come new trends in outdoor living and dining, and we've put together a list of outdoor trends to look out for.


1. Customizable Options for Outdoor Kitchens

More than ever, customers are looking for customizability in their outdoor spaces. While other companies are starting to incorporate customizable design options to meet this trend, Grillnetics has been ahead of the curve, offering custom options like modular outdoor kitchen cabinets and custom outdoor kitchens for several years now. Talk to the Grillnetics outdoor kitchen team to put together a complete outdoor kitchen kit that includes wall panels, countertop, grill, and appliances, with pre-designed layouts and customizable design options available.


2. Low-Key is In High demand

This is a rising trend in both indoor and outdoor kitchen setups. Customers are flocking toward subtle and sleek, saying "thanks but no thanks" to bulky appliance hinges. Instead, we're seeing the integration of hidden cabinetry and refrigerator hinges and handles more often.


The low-key look is in high-demand, especially for high-end kitchen setups. Opting for hidden cabinets and refrigerator hinges improves the aesthetics of the kitchen without sacrificing usability or safety. They can also be useful for customers with outdoor kitchens in inclement weather for a large part of the year. The hidden design offers some built-in protection from the elements, which means homeowners may find their hinges are less apt to rust or get damaged in the rain or snow. 


3. Pizza Ovens

While this trend is not brand new, it's continuing into 2023. Pizza ovens continue to gain in popularity, in part because they're not limited to just pizzas, despite their name. These ovens can do pretty much anything your indoor oven can.


The Grillnetics outdoor kitchen team can help you find a pizza oven, too. Be sure to check out our pizza oven buying guide to see which unit is best for you.


4. Smart Tech

As technology continues to advance, many more products can now be purchased with smart integrations. Even outdoor kitchens are starting to get in on the act, and smart grills are taking the guesswork out of cooking. Both standard and pellet grills can be equipped with smart integrations, giving you smartphone app control and Wi-Fi compatibility. We have the technology - why not use it?


5. Fire Pits

Like pizza ovens, fire pits and fireplaces are not a new trend, but one that is still going strong in 2023. Fire pits have always been a top-selling feature, and we’ll continue seeing them in backyards everywhere. What is changing, however, is that homeownes are increasingly converting to gas, which is cleaner, convenient, and easy to use, and offers many more options for style.


A related up-and-coming trend is an evolution of the classic fire pit design - the fire table. Fire tables offer a sleek, linear look, which complements the modern design trend. With the increasing popularity of sustainability and subtlety, we expect this evolution of the traditional firepit to be one of 2023's hottest trends.


Bonus: 4 Outdoor Porch & Patio Trends
  1. Clean lines & geometric shapes: Flooring, in particular, is becoming more geometric, with the introduction of patterns like hexagons and herringbone to make the layout more interesting.
  2. Multi-functional & multi-seasonal elements: On the rise is the incorporation of elements like lighting, sound, and shade structures to make patios and other outdoor areas usable no matter the time of day or season. In addition to outdoor kitchens, outdoor living rooms are becoming more and more widespread.
  3. High quality, sustainable materials: expect recycled plastic outdoor furniture, eco-friendly decor, and natural materials for building projects like reclaimed wood and bamboo to remain popular and widely available on the market as more brands embrace sustainable practices.
  4. Calm, cool colors: All of the major paint companies have named their 2023 paint colors of the year, and the consensus is that 2023 will be the year for soft, earthy shades of green, followed by relaxing blues and chill neutrals.