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You have a lot to choose from when you start to design your custom outdoor kitchen and grilling space so take a look at some of the outdoor kitchen design ideas we have created. Outdoor kitchens can be designed in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes. Each setup offers something different for cooks and guests, while also providing a variety of aesthetic options. Some of the most used layouts include, straight, 90° L shape, U shape, and straight with one or two 45° connecting areas. Depending on where you want to install your outdoor kitchen, different layouts can offer a better fit than others. It is important to choose a custom outdoor kitchen and grill design that best suits all your cooking and party hosting wishes. You also want a gathering space that looks attractive and inviting with the rest of your home. Grillnetics can help you find the right outdoor kitchen design idea to fit your space perfectly and accommodate all your cooking and space requirements. Explore our DIY grill designs with pictures below!

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Below are some of the merits of different custom outdoor kitchen and grill designs.

Straight BBQ Island Example

Straight BBQ Island

Straight outdoor kitchen layouts fit perfectly along an outdoor wall of your home. This design can be both large or small, depending on the size of the wall and your cooking requirements. The layout can save both space and money over free-standing outdoor kitchens. It works well with a separate seating area or outdoor dining table. Also, this layout is a great choice if you want a smaller, free-standing island cooking area.

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Straight BBQ Island Examples
L-Shape BBQ Island Example

L-Shape BBQ Island

With the 90° L shape, culinary enthusiasts can create a great cooking environment that fits well in many outdoor areas. The 90° L shaped outdoor kitchen layout fits well into corners, under decks, or against single walls. This design creates a larger, more enclosed space than a straight outdoor kitchen and grill. The 90° L shape naturally works well when situated in rectangular and square spaces near your home. It also allows more room for cooking appliances, sinks, a bar, cabinets, and other accessories. Stools and other seating can be set up along one of the sides.

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L-Shape BBQ Island Examples
U-Shape BBQ Island Example

U-Shape BBQ Island

The U shaped outdoor kitchen layout is very versatile, working well adjacent to a wall or as a free-standing feature away from the home. This design accommodates a wide range of cooking features and accessories, with room for sinks, smokers, bars, storage, and accessories. The U shape also offers a comfortable and enclosed space, where guests and family members can naturally gather. Seating can be set up along the sides, providing a cozy area to eat and talk. This design is perfect for endless hours of cooking and entertaining.

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U-Shape BBQ Island Examples
Custom Shape BBQ Island Example

Custom Shape BBQ Island

Outdoor space and available room can vary greatly in different backyards and other areas. Grillnetics custom outdoor kitchen and grill designs can be crafted to fit just about any situation. Outdoor kitchens can have one or two 45° connecting areas, two combined L shapes, or many other layouts that work perfectly with your outdoor space. You can add cooking appliances, areas for seating, bars, additional storage cabinets, and much more. Custom designs give you the ability to create the perfect cooking space for any situation.

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Custom Shape BBQ Island Examples
The possibilities are virtually limitless!

With over 60 standard outdoor kitchen cabinet models to choose from your options are wide open! We can help you design a Straight, L-Shape, U-Shape, Q-Shape, S-Shape, Z-Shape BBQ Island and well, we hope you get the idea 😊. So what are you waiting for? Put us to the test and request your free outdoor kitchen design today and we promise you won’t be disappointed by what our cabinets, our design team, and our sales experts can do for you. We make your outdoor kitchen design ideas come true.

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