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Build Your Own Custom Outdoor Kitchen

DIY Your Ideal Outdoor Kitchen in North Carolina


Design it yourself. Build it yourself. Do it yourself. Grillnetics’ modular outdoor kitchen cabinets make creating your dream luxury outdoor kitchen a reality.


Imagine your home as the perfect gathering spot for your favorite people. Enjoy the beauty of your North Carolina backyard, whether you’re planning an entertainment area in the mountains or designing a luxury kitchen on your city balcony. Expand your living space with a stunning outdoor kitchen tailored to your needs.


Grillnetics' self-assembly kitchen cabinets allow you to easily build a modular kitchen for BBQs or a custom backyard kitchen island that fits your yard's design. Our design system helps you create exactly what you envision. We want you to love spending time in your backyard and enjoy the beauty of cooking or entertaining outdoors all season long. With Grillnetics' modular kitchen cabinets, creating a DIY outdoor kitchen in North Carolina is not only easy, it's also an excellent conversation starter when you have guests and something you’ll take pride in every time you look outside. An outdoor kitchen is a fantastic way to increase your home’s value while adding valuable cooking and entertaining space.


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Elements for Your DIY outdoor kitchen


Creating DIY outdoor kitchens in North Carolina requires specific formatting, materials, and designs that are different from your indoor kitchen. One of the first things you want to ensure is that your outdoor kitchen will be functional for warm North Carolina summers and durable cooler months.


If you’re building your outdoor kitchen in Charlotte or Raleigh, our modular outdoor kitchen cabinets are a DIYer’s best friend. From creating your vision to ultimately enjoying your backyard kitchen, here are a few of the features to keep in mind as you DIY your outdoor kitchen:


  • Grillnetics cabinets are made from Aluminum 6063 and Permabase. Aluminum 6063 is an architectural alloy that is incredibly corrosion-resistant and does not rust. These mixtures are protected by their own naturally occurring oxide film which is waterproof, ensuring your outdoor kitchen will last for decades.
  • Grillnetics cabinets have adjustable leveling feet for uneven and sloped surfaces. No matter what your backyard terrain looks like, your dream outdoor kitchen will be durable and secure.
  • Grillnetics cabinets have fire, mold, and mildew-resistant cladding. Additionally, our cabinets have a sealed floor to keep out dust and animals. Your outdoor kitchen will not only be beautiful and functional, but it will last season after season.


Grillnetics’ ready-to-finish modular cabinet system empowers you to elevate your outdoor space into a fully customized luxury outdoor kitchen. We provide cabinetry components designed to accommodate grills, side burners, smokers, pizza ovens, sinks, refrigeration, storage units, and more. Our outdoor kitchen design experts collaborate with you to craft a tailored layout showcasing how our modular outdoor cabinets seamlessly bring your luxury backyard kitchen vision to life. Whether you have a compact space or a sprawling backyard, our modular cabinets enhance functionality and elevate the entertainment area to make every outdoor moment luxurious. If you're ready to DIY your outdoor kitchen in North Carolina, our knowledgeable team is ready to help.


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DIY Outdoor Kitchen in North Carolina


Enhance your backyard with Grillnetics

Grillnetics' modular cabinet system for outdoor kitchens is ideal for backyard enthusiasts excited to begin their DIY project. Our team of outdoor kitchen experts is ready to assist you at every stage. From initial planning and design to the assembly of each component, our experts and straightforward build guidelines ensure a hassle-free process. With the support of our luxury kitchen professionals and our self-assembly outdoor kitchen cabinets, your days of backyard cooking and hosting are just within reach.


Step 1: Create

  • Our team of designers will work with you during each step of our outdoor kitchen project. Our online design tools are user-friendly and allow you to explore all your backyard's possibilities. After you’ve made a few of the beginning design decisions, our experts will work alongside you to take into consideration your unique needs, such as island size, patio grading, finishing options, and more.


Step 2: Deliver

  • Your Grillnetics modular cabinet system will arrive at your home in multiple flat-packed boxes, ready for easy installation. Our custom packaging ensures that your order arrives damage-free and ready to assemble. Each component is labeled with its contents to help you unpack, organize, and begin the assembly process.


Step 3: Assemble

  • The Grillnetics quick assembly process walks you through installing your modular cabinet system. We provide easy-to-follow instructions and video tutorials. Plus, our assembly experts are always on call to answer your specific questions. With our team behind you, you can begin enjoying your DIY outdoor kitchen the same day.


Ready to make your backyard dreams a reality and DIY your outdoor kitchen in North Carolina? Grillnetics is prepared to help! Contact us and receive a free quote today.


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