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If you are at all concerned about your personal health, or the health of your family, then you will receive some wonderful benefits from your DIY BBQ island. Grilling your food is a healthier alternative to conventional cooking methods, like pan frying, deep frying, or even oven roasting. Cooking your food on the grill in your DIY BBQ island allows fat to naturally drip off (instead of soaking in it while being cooked), making your meal healthier. Furthermore, and arguably more important, according to research published on the National Center for Biotechnical Information in the US National Library of Medicine, simply marinating your meats prior to grilling can further enhance the overall nutritional value of your food by reducing HCA’s up to 82%.

Quick science lesson: HCA, or Heterocyclic amines, is a chemical that is formed when cooking with high heat. It doesn’t matter if you cook indoors in the over or out doors on a grill. This reaction is caused by heat. By using a marinade prior to grilling you can eliminate up to 82% HCA’s and still enjoy that amazing grill flavor!

Finally, your DIY BBQ island could save you from spending money on restaurant meals! It may not seem like it at the time, but dining out frequently can quickly add up while meals you make at your outdoor kitchen grill can be as affordable as you desire. The dream DIY BBQ island, complete with high end grill and appliances, might cost $15,000. However, that BBQ island should last as long as your house, and a quality grill generally comes with a minimum 10-year warranty. The fully amortized cost of owning a BBQ island is roughly $41 per month.

According, to an article published in the USA Today, the average American spends about $1,000 eating out annually. Another survey published by Accounting Principles showed workers spend $2,000 eating out annually. Therefore, a husband and wife you could easily surpass $4,000 per year. And if you have kids, $5,000 is a low barrier to hit. By cooking at home, a family could save thousands over a 10-year period!

There are many benefits of installing a DIY BBQ island, but they revolve around improved food quality and nutritional value, as well as significant savings – in terms of both construction costs as well as savings from dining in.

If you have questions whether you possess the skillset to install an DIY BBQ island, or how to select the right grill, which cabinet system to use, latest design trends for finishing your cabinet system, or how the outdoor kitchen should “flow,” our designer experts are here to help. We also provide a free 3D rendering, with a complete list of itemized products. We also include step-by-step instructions, as well as on-going support for customers in order to make DIY BBQ island installation easy for you.


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