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Underrated Items to Elevate Your Outdoor Kitchen

Our Top 10 Favorite Underrated Items to Level Up Your Outdoor Kitchen

It's no secret that a top-notch grill and a gorgeous countertop are the backbone of any outdoor kitchen; however, there's a treasure trove of underrated items that can take your dining space to the next level. These unsung heroes not only enhance your cooking experience but also add unique elements to your outdoor space. From perfecting your pizza game to keeping dishes warm, let's explore some underrated items that deserve a spot in your outdoor kitchen.


Underrated Outdoor Kitchen Items


Add a Warming Drawer

An outdoor kitchen essential that often flies under the radar, a warming drawer can be a game-changer. This versatile addition keeps cooked dishes warm until serving time, ensuring that your meals are enjoyed at their best temperature, even if you're cooking multiple courses.


Build in a Pizza Oven

Unleash your inner pizzaiolo with a dedicated outdoor pizza oven. Whether it's a traditional wood-fired oven or a modern gas-powered one, making pizzas outdoors adds a touch of authenticity to your gatherings. The ability to craft your own artisanal pies is a surefire way to impress your guests.


Choose a Smoker Box or Smoke Infuser

Elevate your grilling repertoire by infusing your dishes with smoky flavors. A smoker box or a smoke infuser lets you experiment with different wood chips, adding a layer of complexity to your grilled meats, vegetables, and even cocktails. Select cabinets that partner beautifully with your favorite smoker, such as the Big Green Egg, Primo Grill, Kamado Joe, or other Kamado smokers.


Outdoor Beverage Station

Create a designated outdoor beverage station complete with a bar sink, ice maker, and ample storage for your favorite libations. This not only streamlines your entertaining process but also keeps your indoor kitchen free from constant trips in and out.


Built-In Side Burners

A powerful yet underrated addition to your outdoor kitchen, built-in side burners offer an extra cooking surface. From simmering sauces to boiling water for pasta, having an additional heat source provides convenience and flexibility.


Herb and Spice Garden

Elevate the flavors of your dishes by cultivating an herb and spice garden near your outdoor kitchen. Having fresh herbs and spices at your fingertips adds vibrancy and depth to your cooking while celebrating the beauty of nature.'


Rotisserie Attachment

Unleash your culinary creativity with a rotisserie attachment for your grill. Perfect for roasting whole chickens, roasts, and even vegetables, a rotisserie expands your cooking repertoire and delivers succulent and evenly cooked dishes.


Outdoor Sink with Cutting Board

A dedicated outdoor sink equipped with a built-in cutting board is a multitasking marvel. It allows you to wash and prep ingredients without having to shuttle back and forth between your indoor and outdoor spaces.


Teppanyaki Grill Plate

Add an element of excitement with a teppanyaki grill plate. Perfect for whipping up stir-fries, grilled seafood, and even breakfast classics like pancakes and eggs, a teppanyaki grill plate offers interactive dining and endless possibilities.


Integrated Lighting

While lighting might not seem underrated, integrating well-placed lighting in your outdoor kitchen is often overlooked. Proper lighting not only enhances safety during evening gatherings but also sets the mood, creating an enchanting ambiance.



In the world of outdoor kitchens, there's an array of underrated items waiting to transform your space from ordinary to extraordinary. From keeping meals warm with a warming drawer to crafting wood-fired pizzas in a dedicated oven, these hidden gems offer a new dimension to your culinary adventures. By incorporating these underrated items, you're not only enhancing your cooking experience but also creating an outdoor kitchen that's a true reflection of your passion for food and outdoor living.