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Outdoor kitchen cabinets can be both convenient and beautiful additions to an outdoor kitchen or grill. They provide useful storage and also enhanced the entire space. At Grillnetics, we specialize in custom, weather resistant kitchen cabinet designs. We are here to help you choose the best outdoor kitchen cabinet setup that is both beautiful and functional. When selecting your outdoor kitchen cabinets, there are three main things to consider if you want the best outdoor kitchen or grill island cabinets available. You need an outdoor kitchen that can stand up to the elements, accommodate all of your storage and cooking needs, and look aesthetically pleasing with the rest of your outdoor space.

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The spring season and fair weather are rapidly approaching, which means you can finally bring your outdoor kitchen and grilling space out of hibernation. There are a variety of steps you can take to make sure your outdoor kitchen is fully functional after a long winter. You can also start planning your outdoor space around your specific party ideas and cooking wishes. Here are some important tips to help you take full advantage of springtime and prepare your outdoor space for summer cooking and parties. Get the most out of your outdoor kitchen for the rest of the year by following these steps.

GRILLNETICS is ecstatic to announce the onboarding of its newest team member, Devin Turner, as Vice Presidents of Sales!

From retail at Barbeques Galore to premium outdoor kitchen manufacturer, Lynx Grills, Mr. Turner has almost two decades in the outdoor living space.

GRILLNETICS fully finished islands offer a variety of great designs with beautiful stone and granite that are incredibly easy to assemble and install. These outdoor island cabinetry systems can be fully installed in as little as a single hour. We have five amazing outdoor kitchen islands to choose from. Each comes with its own unique interchangeable layout, appliances, and features. Have a look at each of our finished outdoor kitchen islands and find one that fits your space, cooking, and entertainment needs perfectly.

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GRILLNETICS outdoor kitchen systems stand out from the competition because of their versatility and ease of assembly. We design our outdoor kitchen cabinet and grill systems for retail customers, DIY projects, and experienced contractors. Our products are made to cut down on labor during the installation. In addition, GRILLNETICS systems are fully modular, which makes them easy to customize and install in many different settings. Hear what they have to say: