Welcome our newest team member, Devin Turner

For Immediate Release

Monday, May 18, 2020

GRILLNETICS is ecstatic to announce the onboarding of its newest team member, Devin Turner, as Vice Presidents of Sales!

From retail at Barbeques Galore to premium outdoor kitchen manufacturer, Lynx Grills, Mr. Turner has almost two decades in the outdoor living space.

“Over the last 12-months, it became clear that to continue running one of the fastest-growing barbeque island manufacturers, GRILLNETICS would require another team leader. Having worked with Devin and his sales team at Lynx Grills for several years, it is evident that Devin was the perfect fit to help lead our team. He exemplifies everything our company stands for. We had to have him.”
– Tyler Johansen, President of GRILLNETICS

The former Vice President of Sales at Lynx Grills will assume a similar role as VP of Sales with GRILLNETICS – driving the company’s overall goals through industry partnerships while launching several new divisions.

“It’s been a great nine years with Lynx and their incredible team – they’re family. And I’m thrilled to continue on this journey as Vice President of Sales for GRILLNETICS, merging the most innovative outdoor barbeque island company with outdoor appliance brands.”
– Devin Turner, Vice President of Sales

Get Your Outdoor Kitchen Ready for Spring and Summer

The spring season and fair weather are rapidly approaching, which means you can finally bring your outdoor kitchen and grilling space out of hibernation. There are a variety of steps you can take to make sure your outdoor kitchen is fully functional after a long winter. You can also start planning your outdoor space around your specific party ideas and cooking wishes. Here are some important tips to help you take full advantage of springtime and prepare your outdoor space for summer cooking and parties. Get the most out of your outdoor kitchen for the rest of the year by following these steps.

  1. Inspect Your Outdoor Space: Winters can take a toll on even the highest quality outdoor kitchens. Make sure to clean and thoroughly inspect your outdoor kitchen for any possible damage. You will want to check both the inside and outside of cabinets and appliances, to see if you need to repair or replace anything. Also, if you have not used your outdoor grill or kitchen for a long period of time, be sure to check for bee and wasp hives. You want to make sure your first party of the season is not interrupted by damaged equipment or angry stinging insects.
  2. Carefully Plan your Outdoor Kitchen: It is important to have an outdoor kitchen that can accommodate all your cooking and party needs. Think about what types of cooking you want to do this spring and summer. Make sure you have the proper grill, appliances, and storage cabinets. Consider seating and cover as well. Design your space around the type of gatherings you want to host. Make sure everyone at your future parties has space for seating and cover from the summer sun if they need it.
  3. Design Around Spring: Take advantage of the unique characteristics of the spring and summer season in your local area. Incorporate colors, flowers, and designs into your outdoor kitchen that complement the natural beauty of your outdoor space. Create an interesting lighting setup to thrill guests during nighttime parties. Think of ways to make your outdoor kitchen unique and a reflection of your style.

Selecting the Right Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets


Outdoor kitchen cabinets can be both convenient and beautiful additions to an outdoor kitchen or grill. They provide useful storage and also enhanced the entire space. At Grillnetics, we specialize in custom, weather resistant kitchen cabinet designs. We are here to help you choose the best outdoor kitchen cabinet setup that is both beautiful and functional. When selecting your outdoor kitchen cabinets, there are three main things to consider if you want the best outdoor kitchen or grill island cabinets available. You need an outdoor kitchen that can stand up to the elements, accommodate all of your storage and cooking needs, and look aesthetically pleasing with the rest of your outdoor space.

  1. Weather Resistant Grill Cabinets: Outdoor kitchen cabinets must be made of materials that can resist water damage. Your GRILLNETICS weather resistant outdoor cabinets can be exposed to moisture even if they are covered. You will also need to make sure your cabinets are completely enclosed, so everything inside is kept safe. Some of the best weatherproof cabinet materials are 6063 aluminum and premium composite cladding because they are both long-lasting and non-combustible by nature.
  2. Cabinets that Fulfill Storage Needs: When choosing the best outdoor cabinets, you need something that can fit all your cooking and grilling utensils and supplies. Consider what type of cooking you will be doing in your outdoor kitchen. What supplies will you keep in your cabinets for cooking? Create a list of everything you think you will need. Make sure you select cabinets that can fit everything.
  3. Stylish Cabinets: Cabinets can complete the look of your entire outdoor kitchen. Find some that fit your unique style and home design. Cabinets stand out, so be sure to select ones that work with the rest of your outdoor kitchen as well. High grade aluminum framed cabinets are weather resistant and also match most outdoor grills.

Contact GRILLNETICS for more information about custom outdoor kitchen cabinets and design options. We look forward to helping you design the outdoor space of your dreams.

Five Great Design Tips for Your Outdoor Kitchen and Grill

Luxury Outdoor Kitchen

Whether you are using your outdoor kitchen space to entertain friends or simply to enjoy a retreat into the back yard, you want your kitchen to look good and accommodate all your cooking and entertainment needs. One of the best things about creating a custom outdoor kitchen is that you can uniquely tailor every appliance and feature to suit your specific needs. Grillnetics is dedicated to helping make your outdoor kitchen and grilling space perfect, down to the smallest detail. We are outdoor kitchen design masters, crafting unique outdoor cooking spaces for homes across America. There are a variety of important things to consider when planning out a perfect outdoor kitchen island.

1. Think About the Type of Cooking You Want to Do
It is important to figure out what you will be doing with your cooking space. What sort of meals do you want to create with your outdoor kitchen? Are you planning on doing a lot of barbecuing? Maybe you also want to cook in a smoker. Do you want a small grill for family sized meals or a large one for parties with lots of guests?

2. Choose the Right Location
Consider the existing layout of your home or other structures when you design your custom outdoor kitchen. Make sure you have space for the layout you want. Are there any covered locations you could use? Are there high winds that would prevent open-air grilling? Where do you want people to spend a lot of time on your property? Is there a beautiful spot you want to take advantage of? Check out our design ideas page for inspiration.

3. Consider Logistical and Utility Concerns
Make sure you can run utilities and lighting to your outdoor kitchen location. What type of grill and appliances will you feature in your design? Plan ahead if you will need electrical outlets, gas lines, or water lines from your house to accommodate any special features.

4. Think About Your Grill’s Fuel Source
Common grill fuel types include natural gas, charcoal, propane, wood, and pellets. Decide what type of fuel works best for your needs, while keeping in mind that fuel types like propane and natural gas need to be vented differently. Fuels like charcoal and wood pellets will affect the taste of your food in different ways. Can you run utility lines to your outdoor kitchen? Which of these fuel types is the most convenient for you? Which do you like to cook with the most?

5. Consider the Materials
There are many things to consider when choosing materials for your outdoor kitchen. The look of the material, the price, and the durability can all influence decisions. Also, think about how easy these materials will be to clean.

6. Get a Free Design
When you are ready, take advantage of our free design services to help you visualize the best use of your space.

For more information on our outdoor grill products, contact us at Grillnetics today!

3 Benefits of Building an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor cooking is an increasingly popular trend in the U.S. for many reasons. From flavorful food to entertaining guests in the beauty of the outdoors, cooking outside is an excellent pastime for anyone with a passion for food. To fully enjoy outdoor cooking, it is worthwhile to build an outdoor kitchen that you and your family can enjoy for years to come. At Grillnetics, we offer custom built outdoor kitchens to customers nationwide. Some of our favorite reasons to build an outdoor kitchen include:

  1. Reduced energy costs: Having the resource of an outdoor kitchen in the summertime can help cut costs on your utility bills. By cooking meals outside, your A/C won’t have to kick on quite as much to combat the extra heat from the baking, roasting, or broiling. Using the oven less reduces electric consumption, creating energy savings.
  2. Increases your home’s value: While building an outdoor kitchen is an investment, most homeowners see a huge return on this investment if they decide to sell. Outdoor kitchens are a huge selling point if you put your home on the market.
  3. Creates an extra space for entertaining: If you enjoy having friends and family over, an outdoor kitchen provides you with a great space to entertain and adds a whole other room to your home. An outdoor kitchen can be an excellent focal point for your patio and give everyone plenty of room to hang out while you prepare a delicious meal.

Are you interested in creating a functional outdoor living space for your home? Contact us at Grillnetics today for your free, no-obligation quote. We can’t wait to help you create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams!

5 Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Grill

Image of outdoor grill with outdoor kitchen cabinets by a pond.

When it comes to grills, there are dozens of kinds to choose from, including natural gas, propane, wood pellets, and charcoal options. Choosing the right grill for your outdoor space involves several considerations to ensure you get the best unit for you and your family. At GRILLNETICS, we specialize in creating custom outdoor cabinetry, grill and cabinet packages, and designs throughout the United States, as well as from Southern California to Texas, to the Tri-State area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. When you’re shopping for a new grill, it is important to consider the following factors.

  1. Price: Grills can range in price from a few hundred dollars to thousands. When shopping for grills, it is important to go into it with a budget in mind. Having a budget will help you narrow your focus and find an option that fits in with your finances.
  2. Fuel: Grills come in charcoal, wood pellet, propane, and natural gas options, so you should consider which one best meets your needs. Each comes with the regular purchase of fuel, either charcoal or propane tanks, and there is some difference in flavor. There are also some grills that are meant for existing or built-in natural gas line, these types of grills, however, require different kinds of venting and cabinet installation.
  3. Size: Depending on the size of your outdoor space and the amount of food you want to be able to cook at one time, this will help you determine the appropriate size grill for you.
  4. Features: Different grills come with unique features such as sear zones, infrared burners, glow plug ignition systems, lights, heat deflectors, and even wireless connectivity and apps to monitor time and temperature. Each brand usually carries complementary lines of accessory products to match the grill, like side burners, fridges, kegerators, ice machines, sinks, and storage drawers. Determine and prioritize which of these features you would like and look for grills in your price range that have them.
  5. Durability: Look for grills that are made with quality materials and parts and ask about their warranty options. Grills made from 304 Stainless Steel in the United States generally have the best warranties, although some grills manufactured overseas meet these same requirements. It’s worth spending a little time to know what the grill is made of. You’ll also want a doubled walled hood. This means the hood of the grill is made of 2 layers of stainless steel – this makes the grill perform better – much like a double pane window better insulates your home. With a quality grill and the right amount of care, your grill will likely outlast the duration of ownership of the house you’re currently in.

Are you ready to enhance your outdoor living area with a custom grill and cabinet package? Contact us at GRILLNETICS to get a free custom design and estimate for your project!

How to Host the Best Super Bowl Party At Your Outdoor Grilling Station

The Super Bowl is known for four things – the game itself, the commercials, the halftime show, and the viewing parties. Your outdoor grilling station is the perfect place to host a Super Bowl party since it allows you to cook and socialize at the same time. Throwing a great Super Bowl party will take some planning, so it’s best to start in advance. Once you know how many people will be attending, you can begin the rest of the preparations, from the decor to the food.

Make Your Outdoor Grilling Station Into Party Central

Before you can host a Super Bowl party at your outdoor grilling station, you first need to decorate the area and plan the menu. You also might want to come up with a few games, just in case people linger after the Super Bowl ends – or in case some of your guests decide they no longer want to watch the big game. The space should be decorated with tasteful football-themed items. Rather than place banners over everything, consider making a centerpiece out of glass jars (fill them with tiny plastic footballs, helmets, and things with the NFL logo on them, or use real footballs – clean ones, of course. You could also serve a football cake at the end of the party. This could literally be a regular sheet cake with a field painted onto it and some goal posts stuck in either end. The trick is to make your decorations tasteful, yet slightly cheesy without veering into the tacky category. Too many decorations might overwhelm your outdoor grilling station. And don’t forget to pull your big screen television outdoors so that guests can watch the game. If you have the space, a wall mounted outdoor TV is a great addition, and you can find weatherproof enclosures for them, too!

Turn Your Patio Kitchen Sink Into A Bar

One of the best things about a custom outdoor grilling station is the fact that the sink can easily be turned into a bar if you don’t have one. Some come with additional basins that hold drink garnishes and ice, and you can even choose one that has built-in hoses and nozzles – great for dispensing soda water or even beer from a keg. With one of these patio kitchen sinks, you won’t have to run inside when guests are thirsty or rely on a cooler to keep beverages cold. If you’re looking for a way to make your party drinks even more fun, you can come up with themed cocktails based on the teams that will be playing. Other suggestions include using swizzle sticks with footballs on them and serving the drinks with NFL logoed napkins. Stock your outdoor grilling station sink area with plenty of glasses for various kinds of drinks and keep a few bottles of wine on hand. This way you’re completed prepared for every beverage request. You might even want to designate a friend to be the bartender that night or even hire someone. Otherwise, you’ll be the person running from the grill to the bar every time someone needs a refill.

Cook Everything In and Around Your Built In Barbecue

Having a built in barbecue means that you can cook while surrounded by your guests. You won’t be stuck in the kitchen while your guests are milling around the dining and family rooms. Since everyone will be in the same place, this leaves you with plenty of opportunities to socialize. No one will feel left out. Some suggestions of things to cook on your outdoor grilling station include gourmet hamburgers, ribs, or chicken wings – complete with a custom-made barbecue sauce. If you really want to make the party fun and adhere to the theme, you could use your outdoor barbecue to make meals based on the team’s home base. Find out what some of the specialty dishes are from those cities and create entire menus around them. If you’re going with the duel menu idea, you can use plastic document stands to hold the menus. Simply print out the options on a piece of paper – don’t forget the team logos – and place them in the holders. Then display the menus on the patio kitchen countertops and on your tables where your guests can clearly see them.

Serve Dinner From Your Outdoor Countertops

When all of the food is ready, move it from your outdoor grilling station onto serving platters. Arrange the platters buffet style on your outdoor countertops so that your guests can serve themselves. This is the easiest way to do things, as it allows your guests to come back for seconds if they want, or even snack throughout the game. Speaking of snacks, make sure to have plenty of appetizers on hand. They can be everything from the standard chips and dip, which are universal classics, to things like shrimp cocktail, stuffed artichokes, and mini sandwiches. There are many options to choose from, most of which you can make at your outdoor grilling station. Also, dessert was already mentioned – the cake – but you have other options here as well. If your patio kitchen includes a freezer, then feel free to stock up on several different flavors of ice cream and toppings. Your guests can make their own sundaes. This is an appropriate dessert, because… SuperBowl Sunday. (Bad pun.)


There are so many things that you can do with an outdoor grilling station. Hosting a Super Bowl party is just one of them. Keeping the party outdoors as much as possible had two advantages: the guests all remain in the same space, so they socialize amongst each other, and the mess is limited to the backyard. You won’t have to worry about finding empty cups and dirty plates in every room of your home.

Are you ready to create your own customized backyard kitchen? If so, call us or fill out the form below. Our professional designers can help you come up with the best way to utilize your space and turn it into the backyard of your dreams.

Patio Kitchen Decor: Going Beyond The Basics

Once construction on your patio kitchen has been completed, it’s time to decorate. There are several different ways to do so, but the best include a mix of both useful and decorative elements. These add to the character of your patio kitchen or grill island’s decor and make it a place that is not only functional but one that also represents your personality. These decorative elements don’t need to be large (although the first example here shows a different example), but they do need to explain who you are and what you plan to do with your patio kitchen.

Decorate Your Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

Decorating your patio kitchen countertops is fun. Since they are one of the most useful parts of your patio kitchen, you need to find the right balance between decorative elements and open space. You can add some plant life to your countertops. Yes, it’s already outdoors, but why not add to the decor by placing some potted plants or flowers near the sink or the cooking station?

It’s even better if these plants are ones that you can use for cooking. A small herb garden might be just what you need. These tend to not take up too much space, as long as you frequently use the herbs that you grow. Some ideas of herbs to plant on your countertop garden include chives, sage, cilantro, parsley, rosemary, oregano, and basil. These are very universally used, not to mention easy to grow. It will be nice to simply reach over and pick what you need as you cook. Your guests will be impressed – doubly so if your herb garden is set into a nice, double height metal rack consisting of embossed pots. Of course, if you don’t feel like growing your own plants, read on to find out about barbecue seasoning racks.

BBQ Island Ideas For Items That Are Both Useful And Decorative

Other things that you’ll need include a place to store your barbecue aprons, mitts, grill scraper, grate tool, flipper, tongs, and possible plates and silverware. What most people don’t know is that some grill manufacturers also have soft close, sealed drawers that can safely store all your tools and kitchenware.

In Conclusion

If you’re ready to start planning your ideal patio kitchen, then contact the outdoor grill and cabinet pros at Grillnetics. We have two easy contact options – by phone, and by filling out the form below. Our professional designers will work with you to ensure that your patio kitchen has every necessary element and is laid out in an attractive and usable way. Once the plans are set, and your barbecue island appliances are ready, our knowledgeable builders will get to work. Before you know it, you’ll have the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

In addition to expert advice on which grill to select for you usage and location, selecting the proper finishes, our services also include a CAD drawing and 3 dimensional rendering of your kitchen. This will help you understand exactly what the space will look like once it’s finished, so you can start gathering everything that you need to decorate it once it’s finished.

How to Host a Wine Tasting in Your DIY Outdoor Kitchen

A wine tasting is a good way to welcome guests to your new DIY outdoor kitchen. Think of it as being an inaugural party for your patio kitchen and its built-in barbecue. Your guests can spend practically the entire party outdoors, where they can eat, taste the wine, and socialize. Although hosting a wine tasting sounds like quite a bit of work, it isn’t. We’ll talk you through the steps here.

Choose a Theme for Your DIY Outdoor Kitchen Wine Tasting Event
Wine tasting themes aren’t the usual kind that most people consider when they’re planning a party. After all, you aren’t going to have a kid’s dinosaur-themed wine tasting! Instead, these themes involve the types of wine that you’re going to serve in your DIY outdoor kitchen. There are two main wine tasting themes to choose from – varietals and horizontals. The former involves tasting a dozen or so wines from one region. Obviously, you can choose any region that you like, from California’s wine country to northern Italy or Argentina. Once you’ve narrowed down the region, you have your choice of wines. A horizontal theme requires that you obtain several wines from the same winemaker or type, just in different years. If you already have a wine cellar stocked with interesting varietals from the same collection, then this is an easy choice to make.

Set Up Your DIY Outdoor Kitchen for Your Wine Tasting
After you’ve chosen the theme for your DIY outdoor kitchen wine tasting party, you next need to assemble everything else. You’ll need a place for your guests to sit, as well as a place to display the wine glasses. This is where outdoor kitchen countertops come in handy. If you have them, then you can arrange the wine bottles and other items on them until the tasting starts. Other things that you need include some sort of palate cleansers, as well as glasses of water. Although you’ll have other foods available, bland ones tend to make the best palate cleansers. Consider using small chunks of bread or crackers. They can be arranged on the countertop near your wine pouring station.

When it comes to purchasing the wine for the party (or fetching it from your wine cellar, if you already own it) the general rule is everyone gets a two-ounce serving of the same wine. Since the average wine bottle holds 24 ounces, you’ll be able to serve 12 guests from it – including yourself. Most tastings have between five and ten different types of wine, although this is entirely up to you. You can have your guests taste as many wines as you want. However, you will need one wine glass per guest for each different type of wine, so keep that in mind when you’re purchasing your bottles.

Make the Food with Your Built in Barbecue
Obviously, since your guests will be drinking quite a bit of wine in your DIY outdoor kitchen, you’ll need to serve them food. Cheese and crackers – especially if you can get cheese made in the same region as your wine – is a nice hors d’oeuvre. Also, consider serving cheese puffs and bruschetta. Crystal bowls of mixed nuts, cheese straws, and stuffed mushrooms make nice appetizers, too. You might also want to serve an entire meal, so consider making some salmon on your built-in barbecue and serving it with rice made on a stove top in your DIY outdoor kitchen. Dessert can be a berry tart, although cheesecake will work nicely as well. Plus, something chocolate. Chocolate mousse pairs well with many different types of wine. You’ll never have to go inside, which means that you won’t miss out on any guest interactions while cooking. There are other possible menu options to choose from as well since you can experiment a little and see which foods go well with the tannins in the wine.

Hold the Party in Your Patio Kitchen
Setting up for the party is the fun part. Obviously, your patio kitchen will be the main spot, as it will have a place for you to arrange the wine bottles, set up the tasting glasses, and even cook the foods that you’ll serve. Your DIY outdoor kitchen most likely has a set of patio tables nearby, which you’ll need to cover with a nice tablecloth. Consider using empty wine bottles or themed art from your chosen wine region for the centerpieces. You’ll have to decide whether to hide the wine bottles that you’ll be tasting or to display the labels for your guests to see. The first idea is fun, as it gives your guests a chance to guess what they’re drinking. Each place setting should have a notepad and pen, so that everyone can write down tasting notes. It’s these small touches that turn your wine tasting party into a memorable one.

Final Thoughts
Hosting a wine tasting is a great way to show off your new DIY outdoor kitchen. There are so many different things that you can add when planning yours – from a built-in barbecue to a special outdoor-rated wine chilling rack (which makes perfect sense for this kind of party).

When you’re ready to design your DIY outdoor kitchen, please give Grillnetics a call or contact us via the form below. We can help you design your patio kitchen from start to finish, based on your exact specifications. Our professional designers understand how to make a high-end backyard kitchen look beautiful, but be functional at the same time. Some possible components include countertop and built in pizza ovens, bar sinks, granite countertops, and much more. For the most part, if you can put it in a standard kitchen, we can build it into your backyard. Contact us today to get started.

Choosing Countertops for Your DIY Outdoor Kitchen

One of the more exciting aspects to your DIY outdoor kitchen, besides selecting the grill of your dreams, is choosing a unique countertop to suit your style and needs! But how do you know countertop idea is best for your DIY outdoor kitchen? Well, here are a few things to consider: climate, style, size, and budget.

The most important thing when coming up with your best countertop ideas for a DIY outdoor kitchen is to select a material suitable for your climate. Depending on where you live, climate will dictate what type of countertop you can install. As an example, the rocky mountain region and northeast get a tremendous amount of snow and ice. As temperatures fluctuate, ice and snow will melt, get into cracks, freeze and expand, and destroy certain materials like grout. In these areas we typically like to see granite or stained concrete countertops. In other areas like the southwest and warm coastal areas you have a wider range of materials to choose from, and it’s quite common to install a tile countertop.

There are many types of materials to choose from when building your DIY outdoor kitchen countertops, and even more color and texture variations. However, there are three time-tested countertop categories to choose from: stone, concrete, and tile. Here are the benefits to each, and in order of our personal favorites.

Stone: Granite, quartz, travertine, and onyx are some of the most beautiful stone available, and they come in hundreds of unique colors and patterns. Plus, they hold up extremely well in all climates because of their durability. Stone will handle excessive heat and cold, can be scratch and stain resistant if sealed, and is relatively low maintenance.

Another new trend in the stone world is “engineered stone.” In this process the manufacturer takes quartz crystals and bonds them together using resin. The main benefit we see from engineered stone vs natural stone is a more brilliant pattern or color. However, while this material is more stain resistant, the resin is also more susceptible to changes in temperature. Both engineered stone and natural stone cost roughly the same per square foot.

Concrete: Another option is a formed concrete countertop. This option is extremely appealing because if has very similar properties to stone – it’s extremely strong and durable, handles heat and cold vey well, and requires little maintenance. An advantage that concrete offers is that it can be stained, thereby creating almost any color imaginable. While the concrete is setting you can also add a pattern, round or texturize the edges, and fill the seams so it looks like one solid piece. Furthermore, concrete can be formed into any size or shape, which makes a custom countertop easier to install for a DIY outdoor kitchen.

Tile: Historically one of the best countertop ideas for finishing a DIY outdoor kitchen countertop is tile. Tile is generally lighter and cheaper than stone and concrete, yet still has great properties like its tolerance for heat. However, as we eluded to earlier, tile doesn’t hold up well in areas with lots of snow and ice because the moisture will seep into the grout and then expand.

Furthermore, overtime tile tends to lose some of its original “pop.” If you decide to install a tile countertop on your DIY outdoor kitchen, it’s usually a good idea to also get something to cover it with when not in use.

Similar to choosing the best grill for your needs, when selecting a countertop size for you DIY outdoor kitchen you need to ask yourself two questions: 1) how many people do you typically cook for? 2) will you be using the countertop as a table for snacks and drinks – in addition to food prep and cooking?

Be sure to have at least 24” on either side of your grill for food preparation and plating. In addition to this, you’ll want an additional 24-36” of linear countertop space per person you intend to have seated at your DIY outdoor kitchen island. If you have the room, a little extra countertop space is always valuable.


Determining what a DIY outdoor kitchen countertop will cost is the easy part. Below is a quick guide to give a ballpark idea. If you need a more concrete number (pun intended), feel free to call one of our designers.

Average Cost per Square FootInstalled by a contractor
Stained Concrete$90
Average Cost per Square FootDIY
Granitenot recommended
Stained Concrete$65

Final Thoughts
Regardless of the countertop you choose for your DIY outdoor kitchen, remember that they all require some maintenance. Installers recommend sealing your countertop annually to ensure a stain resistant finish and to remove any tarnish.

If you have other questions on how to select the right grill, which cabinet system to use, latest design trends for finishing your cabinet system, or how the outdoor kitchen should “flow,” our design experts are here to help. We also provide a free 3D rendering and CAD drawing, with a complete list of building materials and step-by-step instructions, as well as on-going support for customers.